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Our Story

Faten, the Founder of OhanaTribe

My Passion for Mindfulness Rituals & Practices

I’m simply Faten, a passionate and curious human exploring different ways to improve people’s wellbeing, including mine. I founded OhanaTribe to share some of the mindfulness rituals & practices that have helped me in my pursuit of a more peaceful and balanced life. Rudraksha Mala Beads and Essential Oils, have helped me foster this harmony and I hope they help you cultivate more inner peace & well-being in your everyday lives. 

OhanaTribe More Than Just Products

After years working for international brands and startups, I realized there was something sorely missing in these companies. They spoke of lofty ideals but sacrificed them both inside and out. My goal was to create a company in the image of a family. Finally, during a trip to Hawaii, could I put a word on how I’d always felt — Ohana.

I was born in Lebanon, raised in Montreal and have been lucky to traverse the globe; Vancouver is the city that combined all my passions and gave me the last push to do it my way. I’m profoundly driven to offering tools that will make mindfulness rituals & practices accessible to everyone. This is why I will always make sure to offer expertly crafted goods to help you on your own mindfulness journey. 

Rudraksha Tree

Sacred Rudraksha for Peace & for Our Planet

Often known as the “Eyes of Shiva“ Rudraksha beads are not only sacred and powerful to bring peace, reduce stress and dissipate fear, but they are also 100% natural & sustainable for our planet. Unlike gemstones, which we have to source & use mindfully, Rudraksha are seeds found in a blueberry-like fruit of the Rudraksha trees that flourish mainly in Nepal, India and Indonesia. All of our Mala beads have been handmade and blessed by the soulful artisans of Aum Rudraksha Designs in Bali. My goal by offering their beautiful work of art in Canada is to help them with their mission to bring more peace into the world with the healing powers of Rudraksha mala beads. With each purchase you make, you are encouraging their local economy and helping them fulfill their mission.

Essential Oil

Aromatherapy for your Daily Well-Being

I love nice aromas. Who doesn’t, right? But when it came to finding the right essential oil blend that also pleases skeptics who think all essential oil blends smell like patchouli, that’s when I found my challenge! Having previously worked in fine fragrances, and having the gift, or sometimes the curse, of a very sensitive sense of smell, I wanted to create blends that were not only beneficial to people’s well-being but most importantly that smelled amazing. I wanted to fool the skeptics and simply allow people to enjoy the benefits of beautifully blended essential oils. 

With the help of Arline, a certified aromatherapist and founder of Smell This here in Vancouver, we came up with five unique essential oil blends that I called “Moment Blends“. Moment blends because they were inspired by moments in which I love using essential oils to bring me back to the present moment and to my breath. I made them in spritz or fine mists to spray on linens or in a room. In roll-ons for people on the go and that you can safely apply to the skin. In pure blends to use in a diffuser or in a relaxing bath.

Our Promise

Hand Made Icone


Our Mala Beads are hand-knotted with the outmost care and blessed in Bali, carrying nothing but positive and loving energy. Our Essential Oil blends are handcrafted in small batches to ensure consistent, high quality production on every order. 


Sustainable Icone


In order to safeguard our beautiful but so fragile planet, we do our best to source and use materials mindfully. Our Rudraksha beads come from natural seeds found in a special fruit, while our essential oils are grown and harvested to protect the land. Our packaging varies from refillable, reusable and recyclable, and our shipping envelopes & boxes are compostable.


Authentic Icone


Driven by authenticity we work transparently and with integrity, with our artisan suppliers and our partners. Our materials are real and natural to allign with our vision. This genuine quality extends into our products and our interactions with the people we work along side, and we’d like to think our passion exudes all the way through our goods to you.