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Mala Bracelets

Our Mala beads bracelets are all designed with authentic Rudraksha, combined with real gemstones.

Also known as the compassionate “Tears of Shiva”, Rudraksha Mala beads help you feel more at peace, less stressed and will help you dissipate any fear.

Each Mala bracelet has been handmade with care and blessed by Aum Rudraksha Designs soulful artisans in Bali.

By offering their beautiful work in Canada, we are helping them with their mission to bring more peace into the world with the healing powers of Rudraksha Mala beads. With each purchase you make, you are encouraging their local economy and helping them fulfill their mission.

For each Mala I have co-created an essential oil blend with a certified aromatherapist to amplify the benefits of the Rudraksha and gemstones in each design. Just like Lava beads, Rudraksha are also porous, so you can simply apply a few dabs of one of the essential oil blend to slowly diffuse as you are meditating or simply wearing them.