Warrior Heart Meditation Mala

Mala Necklace

Strength • Balance • Relieve

The Warrior Mala necklace’s Rudraksha is a balance between peace and fearlessness. The Lava’s strength and courage work well with the Canerlian’s vitality and motivation. Absorb pain with the Amber and dispel worries; better connections with your intuition help create positive forces in nature that reinforce this Mala’s value.

Affirm “I can” as the guiding intention with the Warrior Mala.

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OhanaTribe’s Warrior Mala is equal parts fierce and fearless. The spirit of this Mala dispels worries, injects vitality and provides courage in times when it’s most needed. Nature’s positive forces will circulate as your motivation through the Carnelian continues to grow.

Beads & Gemstones: Rudraksha, Carnelian, Amber, Lava, Rudraksha pendant.


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