Monkey Mind Meditation Mala

Mala Necklace

Mind Clearing • Grounding • Focus

OhanaTribe’s Monkey Mind Mala necklace is about inner strength and peace with the Amethyst. Its stone of compassion — Rhodonite — helps you achieve your highest potential. Reconciliation with the Rose Quartz provides a deeper connection with your intuition. A sense of fearlessness takes over, which is at once liberating and peaceful.

Reconnect to your breath: inhale love and exhale gratitude connecting to your prana.

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The Monkey Mind Mala necklace’s Rudraksha pendant diminishes worries. Feelings of compassion become easier to embrace, and the balance between yin-yang are achieved without fear. Your highest potential is within reach through Rhodonite — the stone of compassion.

Beads & Gemstones: Rudraksha, amethyst, rhodonite, rose quartz & Rudraksha pendant.


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