Free Spirit Gold Mala I

Mala Necklace

Inspiring • Stimulating • Playful

The Free Spirit Gold Mala I necklace by OhanaTribe is designed with Red Aventurine, a stone that is believed to boost vitality and mental capacities. Move beyond the fear of confrontation and express your true self. The Fire Agate pendant is the Hero’s Journey stone, which gives the courage to follow your spiritual path. This beach inspired Mala necklace is enhanced with a turquoise tassel and 22k gold-plated silver accent beads.

Affirm “I dream” or “I do” as the guiding intention with the Free Spirit Gold Mala I.

$ 108

Size: One size

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Ohanatribe’s Free Spirit Gold Mala I necklace is for the dreamers. By doing, you manifest your desires. Fears, like outside judgement, become afterthoughts. Few tread the spiritual path, but to those that do it is a worthwhile endeavour.

Beads & Gemstones: Rudraksha, Red Aventurine, Amazonite, 22k gold-plated silver accent beads, and Fire Agate pendant.


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