All of the information on this website is about making mindful accessible.

Hopefully these FAQs answer some of the questions you might have for us. Don’t be a stranger though! If you would like to find out more about OhanaTribe or our products, please contact us. We are only a quick e-mail away.

Question What are essential oils?
AnswerTrue essential oils are extracted through the process of distillation, giving the oils a natural quality that also honours the unique fragrance of the plant from which it is obtained. OhanaTribe’s Essential Oils are wildcrafted and extracted from plants, representing in many ways the very essence of the plants themselves. The uniqueness of every plant is showcased through a variety of aromas and blend we have created.
Question Who makes OhanaTribe’s Moment Blends?
AnswerLocated in greater Vancouver, on the edge of British Columbia’s beautiful coastline, we have co-created OhanaTribe’s Moment Blends with Smell This. Their mission is to share the benefits of aromatherapy as an alternative means of beautiful living. Our Moment Blends are made and perfected in small batches, ensuring consistent, high quality production on every order. http://www.smellthis.ca/
Question What are mala beads?
AnswerThroughout history, mala beads have been used for meditation. Specifically, the string of beads are an aid while reciting mantras, a practice where a set of words or sounds are repeated. Common elements of mala beads include rudraksha seeds, the tassel, the guru bead, and the pendant. Functional and beautiful, mala beads feature overhand knotting, giving each one a unique and hands-on feel.
Question What are rudraksha?
AnswerRudraksha refers to seeds that have traditionally been used as prayer beads. These natural seeds can be found within the evergreen Elaeocarpus ganitrus’ vibrant blue fruit. Indigenous to Southeast Asia, and specifically along the Himalayas across India and Nepal, Rudraksha seeds are conducive in areas with volcanic soil. Literally meaning “the tears of Shiva”, these seeds were said to have been guided to earth and transformed into Rudraksham, making them an aid for those seeking inner peace.
Question How many beads are in your Mala Necklaces?
AnswerEach OhanaTribe Mala Necklace is composed of 108 beads, a sacred number in Eastern philosophies. It is ideal for Japa Meditation and can serve as a reminder of your life affirmations. OhanaTribe Mala Necklaces also include the Guru Bead which is used to dedicate your meditation or honour your teacher. The pendant, which can be a gemstone or a larger Rudraksha, is primarily used to enhance the collective benefit of the necklace.
Question Who makes OhanaTribe’s Exclusive Mala Collection?
AnswerWe have co-created our exclusive Mala collection along with Aum Rudraksha Designs, which is located on the beautiful island of Bali. The Mala beads are hand knotted and crafted by their skillful artisans with the utmost care. We share their mission to make our world more peaceful with the power of Rudraksha beads. Before arriving at your door, all beads are cleansed and blessed in Bali, carrying only peaceful energy. https://www.aumrudraksha.com/
Question What is your commitment to fair trade?
AnswerOur commitment to family values means we honour every collaborator’s input — always. Those that spend time and effort to create our goods should be treated fairly. This guarantees the highest quality goods and creates positive vibes for the end users. We co-create in Bali and Vancouver, which supports each local economy.
Question How are your products authentic?
AnswerWe’re driven by authenticity. Our materials are real and natural because they align with our company’s vision. This genuine quality extends to our products and to our interactions with the people we work alongside.
Question How are you committed to sustainability?
AnswerOur beads come from semi-precious gemstones and natural Rudraksha seeds found in a special fruit. Our essential oils are wildcrafted to protect the land. Our packaging varies from refillable, reusable and recyclable.
Question What drives OhanaTribe as a company?
AnswerWe embrace challenges and opportunities with joy. This fire for life extends to our company as well. Every time you interact with us, we want you to feel that passion. We live every moment to the fullest.
Question What’s it like to work for OhanaTribe?
AnswerWe know business can get complicated and serious, but we do things unconventionally. We embrace partners and fans like family because it’s a lot more enjoyable. We share laughs, let loose, have debates over the next music playlist, explore nature and create goods that bring great vibes.
Question Are OhanaTribe’s products a substitute for medical advice or medication?
AnswerAll of the information on this website is about making mindful accessible. In no way should the information about Mala Beads, Gemstones, Rudraksha and Essential Oils be construed as a replacement for medical aid or a substitute for accredited professional health advice. If you are pregnant or have a medical condition, you should consult a doctor. Essential oil users should avoid contact with the eyes. Make sure to keep all beads and oils outside of the reach of young children for their safety.